From the Future Friday

This week our find from the future is Wireless charging. Technology trends are speeding toward a completely wireless and mobile world and our device chargers have started to adapt.

wireless_charger_qi_induction_za_nrxzq1Photo courtesy of Tech Time Tea

Being in real estate, we are always on the go. There’s no time to fuss with cords every time we enter the office or get in our car. With wireless chargers, simply place your phone on top of the device and wait for it to charge. You can even find table chargers. They serve as a charging station, so all you have to do it set your device on top of the table and it gets charged.

0115_CES_Wrap_04 Photo courtesy of inpofi

Being able to charge your smartphone on the go is very important as well. With a wireless charging car mount just place your smartphone on a wireless charger that doubles as a hands-free car mount. This can be mounted to the dashboard or windshield with a suction cup.

nokia-wireless-car-charger Photo courtesy of xdadevelopers

No matter how great your mobile phone is, keeping your battery charged is a major problem. Wireless charging is an effortless way to power up consumer electronics and industrial devices. It allows you to charge your smartphone without all those cords.

Thrifty Thursday

Appearance is everything when it comes to selling a home. You never have a second chance to make a first impression and staging a home can take a lot of creativity but doesn’t have to take a lot of cash.

home-staging                                                                                Photo courtesy of Seaglass Properties

Start with removing all clutter and personal items. This will make the home feel more spacious. If you have big bulky furniture that makes a room look more crowded, consider putting them in storage. Make sure each room is staged for its original purpose. If you’ve turned your dining room into an office, change it back to the dining room.

living-room-ba Photo courtesy of Active Rain

Make sure there is plenty of lighting, even if it means turning on all the lights. You want the space to look open and bright. You can also add mirrors, which can make a room look much larger.

before-and-after-stagingPhoto courtesy of Tony Stallings

Studies show that a staged home sells faster than one that isn’t. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean it sells for more money, but not having your home sit on the market for a long period of time is definitely worth the effort.

Worth the Investment Wednesday

Multi-family Investments: Risk and Reward

Many investors believe that multi-family homes are high-maintenance or unaffordable, but it can actually be very rewarding. You have to do a little research, get to know your target audience and most importantly, be creative.


The cash flow of a multi-family is greater than that of a single family. The more units you have means more rent coming in and a more reliable income, therefore less risk is involved.

This week we are featuring a multi-family property for sale in the up and coming Oak Cliff neighborhood. It is a two story complex consisting of 7 buildings.


3823 Bonnie View Road in Dallas, Tx is listed at $1,300,000.  This multi-family property contains 62 units, most of which are two bedroom. This deal is very enticing considering the high occupancy rate and consistent.

You can view this listings here.

Traditional Tuesday

Today on Traditional Tuesday, we are featuring 4414 Alta Vista Lane in Dallas, Tx. Listed for $1,050,000; this beautifully updated home features 4 bedrooms, 3 ½ bathrooms and has over 3,500 square feet.


The game room overlooks the yard that features an outdoor living area, a fire pit and an inviting pool.


The kitchen opens up to a large, cozy den.  This home is the epitome of traditional style and offers comfortable living you can’t wait to come home to.


You can view this listing here.


Modern Monday

Today on Modern Monday we are featuring a house in the Urban Reserve community of Lake Highlands.


The Urban Reserve is a neighborhood containing modern, single-family homes designed by a select group of architects.  The goal of this neighborhood is to create ready access to nature and appreciation for the environment all while incorporating modern design in an exquisite location. This sustainable neighborhood tackles issues such as energy efficiency, water conservation, air quality and durable material usage.


We are featuring a home designed by Dan Shipley Architects. 25 Vanguard Way Dallas, Tx is a 2 story, 2 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom home perched on a wooded lot. The loft style interior design includes polished concrete floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and magnificent natural light.


With over 2,000 square feet and listed at just $599,000, this home will give you a truly unique and modern lifestyle.


You can view this listing here.


From the Future Friday

Looking for technology gadgets to make your business even more productive? From the future Friday’s will explore these high-tech gadgets and give you an insight of how they may help you gain an edge over the competition.

Technology in the hands

Photo courtesy of Future Technology Articles.

How about drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles? Using these flying cameras could change the way agents market their listings. It would give potential homebuyers a way to view the neighborhood and community without the hassle of driving around. It would be especially helpful to those clients who are relocating to a new city.


Photo courtesy of NBC News.

It can inspect buildings by showing the condition of the roof. It can give your clients a way to view where a particular house is in a neighborhood and help them picture how it would be to live there. It is mind-blowing to think about everything a drone can do.


(Aerial view of Preston Hollow and White Rock Lake via Google maps.)

Unfortunately, the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) prohibits the commercial use of drones, including real estate marketing. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has cautioned members, stating that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles could lead to substantial fines and penalties. However, the NAR does support efforts to create new federal regulations to allow commercial use of drones by the real estate industry.

Realtors are always looking for new tools to advertise properties. Online listings usually feature photo galleries, virtual tours, satellite images and Google Street View. Using drone photography seems to be the next logical step.

Thrifty Thursday

Interior design, decorating, landscaping and even holding open houses can become very expensive. On Thrifty Thursday we will discuss different ways you can be creative in making these homes look and feel amazing without breaking the bank.


This week we are going to discuss landscaping. Especially since, hopefully, we are done with the snow, sleet and freezing rain. This is the time of year when you would start to plant a lot of things in order to be ready for spring. Since the Texas weather is so unpredictable, I would recommend starting flower seeds indoors to give you a jump on the growing season. Check out your local nursery for “deals of the week”. They usually offer at least $.50-$1.00 off packets of flower seeds and 20%-30% off plants.

FlowersPhoto courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery

Using a trellis can add a quick and easy accent in the yard. Choosing a flowering vine to plant on either side will help give your yard a focal point. You can purchase a trellis for around $50.00, or I would recommend keeping an eye on your local estate or garage sales.


Photo courtesy of buildingsuppliesrus

It can be overwhelming trying to design a landscape by yourself. Take the time to design your project and set a firm budget. If you don’t set a budget you may find out that you’ve spent a lot more than intended. Then, draw out how you want the space to look and go from there.

Doing a little bit of research can go a long way when it comes to your budget and by using some of these tips, you can create your own oasis and have a beautiful home without spending a ton of money.


Worth the Investment Wednesday

Is investing in vacant land worth the risk?

A lot of people have this misguided notion that vacant land is risky or even pointless. However, the fact is that vacant land is capable of producing some serious cash flow and is one of the first-rate investments in the world.


If you are looking into real estate investments, you should want to reduce the amount of time you need to spend attending to the property but also be comfortable with the real estate based risks you take. Some properties require too much time and management to make them smart investments.


Vacant land presents a unique challenge. The value of vacant land is tied to it so you must figure out what can be done with it. The keys to making a successful investment are determining the suitability of the property for development and projecting the possible future use of the property.

Do some research and make smart, educated decisions to achieve the best real estate investments.


Today we are featuring 4541 N. Josey Lane. A 1.93 acre commercial zoned corner lot listed at $1,200,000. Located on the North end of Castle Hills off Jose Lane in Carrollton, this is a great opportunity.


You can view this listing by Jeff Hahn here.


Traditional Tuesday

A traditional home is the most common style in the United States. These homes combine functionality and accessibility with a classic look. Most traditional style homes are constructed entirely of brick.


When a potential buyer wants to purchase a traditional style home, take into consideration all the options. A traditional style home could be labeled as Ranch, Cape Cod, Colonial or even Victorian. Each style is unique in its own way, but they all share common attributes.

Most traditional style homes include an attached garage, a foyer and a porch. It is typical to have a large family room or den. While they may incorporate aspects of historical American styles, traditional homes are more about comfortable living than pure architecture design.

4646SugarMill34646SugarMill4 4646SugarMill2

We are featuring 4646 Sugar Mill Road in Dallas, Tx 75244 for Traditional Tuesday this week. It is a one story Ranch style home featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and over 3,000 square feet and is listed for $689,000. It has been updated and is on a large lot with a flexible floor plan. Some of the features include: plantation shutters, wood floors and a board on board fence in a great neighborhood near Jesuit and Hockaday.

You can view this listing by Molly Hurt here.


Modern Monday

What does “modern” mean anyway?

9 Cavendish Court

Modern architecture is thought to be harsh and cold, made of steel and glass and often times, lacking emotion.

Modern is defined as ‘of or relating to present or recent time’. I don’t think this definition is relevant based on today’s society and how quickly it changes.

That being said and from my search of modern houses, I’m not sure the word “modern” dazzles homebuyers.

However, I did find this beauty that could be classified as “modern” based on the open concept, clean lines, light wall coloring and modern fixtures. This home is open, airy and bright.

9 Cavendish Court49 Cavendish Court29 Cavendish Court3

Located in the Lane Park subdivision, this remodeled home features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and well over 3,000 square feet.

9 Cavendish Court in Dallas, Tx is listed at $799,900 and is our pick for Modern Monday.

You can view this listing here.